Reciprocating Compressor Valves

Compressor valves are the heartbeat of almost all reciprocating air compressors, they still cause more breakdowns than any other part on a reciprocating compressor.

StandardAir are able to manufacture any brand of compressor valve in the market, we can do this from either drawing or sample, meaning if your valve is an odd design, we will still be able to assist with quoting and manufacturing.

With this ability StandardAir can cover:

Both High- and low-pressure compressors 

Lubricated and non-lubricated machines

Any gas requirement, covering both “wet” and dry gas

StandardAir know that “wet” gases such as Co2 can be very damaging to the valves. To prevent this we machine from many different materials, standard valves are manufactured using peek, these are mainly for machines pumping heavy dry gases (air). We also manufacture from Stainless steel this is for the wet gases.

StandardAir can also offer a valve refurbishment system, the customer returns the valves, we overhaul and return. This usually offers a large saving.